Sungold Bloody Mary at Snooze

Breakfast cocktails can be tricky. Too much booze and you’re completely useless for the rest of the day; too much mixer and you end up with what’s essentially a $9 ...

Sangria at Krazy Karl’s

Despite living in Campus West for several years, it wasn’t until I moved across town that I discovered the deliciously inexpensive joys of Krazy Karl’s pizza. They’re always my go-to ...

Go Yelp Yourself: Road 34

As a blogger, I get nasty comments about my opinions all the time. (Well, not all the time. Fort Collins is really super nice.) And you know what? That’s fine. ...

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The Best of Fort Collins

In the past two years, I’ve spent countless hours skimming cocktail menus, listening to local bands, and generally having a fantastic time after dark in Fort Collins. I’ve met some awesome people, tasted delicious drinks (and a few god-awful ones), and reinforced my opinion that I’m the worst dancer in the world. In all those experiences, a few stand out as the best of the best. Here are my favorite people, places, and things in Fort Collins.


The Forge Publick House

This was my first bar review on Late Night Fort Collins. Today they’re twice as big, thanks to a semi-recent expansion, but they still have some of the best beer in town and the most comfortable leather armchairs I’ve ever had the pleasure of sinking my butt into. Oh yeah – and they’re still cash only.

Shuffleboard at the Steak-Out Saloon

Definitely one of my favorite daytime date ideas in Fort Collins. A nice, private little basement room, some healthy competition, and a lot of day-drinking. Done.

Seriously, WTF? Not a good thing to have in a haunted basement.

Seriously, WTF? Not a good thing to have in a haunted basement.

Fort Collins Ghost Tour

Also a great date idea, especially around Halloween. I had no idea how many creepy basements were lurking below my favorite Old Town bars and restaurants. Wear comfortable shoes, dress warmly, and keep a death grip on your honey’s hand.

Bike Prom (2012)

Bike Prom was awesome! This was such a fun time, thanks to the day-long scavenger hunt and retro prom-wear bash at Cranknstein to benefit the Fort Collins Bike Library.

Luscious Nectar Juice Lounge

Ah, Luscious Nectar. I’ve never had more fun dancing like a lunatic, holding an adult Slurpee in a glass room above everyone’s heads. Unfortunately, they’re heading for a change too – by October, they’ll be reinvented as Old Town Distillery. We’ll have to wait and see if this is a change for better or for worse.


Blues Dancing at the Empire Grange

Speaking of dancing like a lunatic, I had a surprising amount of fun at this weird, out-of-the-way brick building on Mulberry St. with Indigo Blues. And can I just add…Soul Train!!

Mosey West

Still one of my favorite local bands.


B&B’s Pickle Barrel

Lots of college memories here. Most people come for their sandwiches, but the after-dinner crowd is worth a trip of its own. A word of advice though – if someone suggests the Cold Cut Combo, DO NOT take them up on it.

Reader Appreciation Night at Juiced On Imagination

Painting astronaut martini glasses while taking swigs from a bottle of Fireball? That’s how we celebrate, Late Night style.

Drink-Off: Margarita

I’m going to miss drinking margaritas and calling it “work.”


The Swing Station

One of my favorite summer activities is biking up the Poudre River for a beer and some patio time at the Swing Station.

Thoughts on Shots: Sake Bomb

Thanks to all the sushi restaurants around town who don’t kick me out when I get a little too energetic with my sake bombs (you know who you are).


Lavender Sour at Social

Love you, Social! Let’s be best friends forever and skip hand-in-hand through fields of lavender.

Get Home Safe: Trunk Drivers

Still one of the best transportation options in Fort Collins if you’ve had a few too many and don’t want to slog back to Old Town at dawn the next day to retrieve your vehicle.

An Ode to Dive Bars

You gotta love a bar with Hot Pockets on the menu.

photo 3

Feisty Spirits

Beer flights are for wimps. WHISKEY FLIGHTS RULE.

WTF: Monroe’s Lounge

To this day, the best show I’ve ever been to was in the hotel lounge of a Loveland Best Western. I’m not sure what that says about me.

Sangria at Krazy Karl’s

That’s Fort Collins for you – the best cheap sangria in town can be found in a college pizza joint in Campus West. So weird. So good. So wallet-friendly.

One last time, everybody: What’s on your list of “The Best in Fort Collins”?

It’s So Sad To Say Goodbye…

Well, the time has come. I’ve had a blast writing Late Night Fort Collins for the last 2+ years, but it’s time for me to move on. Thursday will be my last post – after that, I’ll be signing off permanently from Late Night Fort Collins.



“But Sarah!” you may be crying, “Why? Why must you leave us?” The truth is, I’m getting freaking old. I still love a good cocktail and a loud, sweaty rock show, but more often than not, I’m more interested in curling up in my Snuggie with Netflix and some hot cocoa than strapping on a pair of heels and hitting the Old Town bar circuit.

I admit it. I’m lame.

But don’t fret! Although Late Night Fort Collins will be going softly into that good night, you can still get all the local nightlife news from the other Scoop Network blogs. Feasting Fort Collins will review cocktails and bars, while Entertaining Fort Collins will keep you up to date on late night events. If you’re more of a beer person anyway, Cheers Fort Collins has got you covered on all the local beer and brewery news.

I’m so grateful that I had the chance to write this blog. Fort Collins is awesome, and you people are the best. I couldn’t have made it this long without all your snarky comments, hot tips, and all-around general friendliness.

Tune in one last time on Thursday for the ultimate list of my all-time favorite people, places, and experiences in Fort Collins. Cheers!

Best Bars To Take Your Parents To

Entertaining the folks can be a challenge sometimes. Sure, you can take them for a walk through the CSU trial flower gardens, or rent a bike from the Bike Library for a leisurely ride up the river, or even drag them along on a few brewery tours (it’s educational!). But what to do in those awkward hours between dinnertime and bedtime? Normally, you’d grab your buddies and hit your favorite bar, but surely your parents don’t want to go out drinking in Old Town…do they?

Fortunately, there are some great parent-friendly bars in Fort Collins where you won’t feel out of place with Mom and Pop, and they’ll appreciate the novelty of going out for a nice drink with their son or daughter. Just avoid Wash Bar and the Drunken Monkey, and you’ll all make it through the night unscathed.

Here are my favorite local bars to take your parents to:

photo 3


Arrive early to avoid the Disneyland hell of waiting in line with your parents. Impress them with your cultured palate by ordering a fancy wine, or regress to childhood with an adult snowcone like the Davey Jones’ Locker shaved ice cocktail.


Elliot’s Martini Bar

Everyone loves martinis! The window seats are a comfy place to catch up with your family, while the movies playing on the back wall are an excellent diversion when Mom starts to ask when you’re finally going to settle down and have some kids.


Ace Gillett’s

Like Social, this underground bar will make your parents think they’ve raised a classy, sophisticated child. Thankfully, the live jazz is usually loud enough to drown out your father’s endless dad jokes.


The Astoria

Cuban food! Chandeliers! Local art! Your parents will love this upscale bar, while your wallet will love the reasonably priced drinks. Just double-check that there’s not a drag or burlesque show that night…unless your parents are into that kind of thing.


The Mayor of Old Town

If your dad can never decide what kind of beer he wants, bring him to the Mayor so he can try them all. Plus, with the beer menu displayed on the giant screens above the bar, he won’t be able to complain about how it’s too dark to read the menu and where are his reading glasses and why don’t these damn places come with flashlights if they’re going to be so dang dark inside.